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Solersis records was set up in 2011 with one simple aim, to bring your ears some of the best hypnotic music around. As a label we work hard to find new sounds that will rock trancefloors across the globe.



Niria is Jay Campbell, he was born in the UK and currently lives in London. He has always been in to music and around 1998 he started to experiment with compositions of his own. He explored many different genres ranging from grunge and jungle to IDM and dub reggae but his psychedelic journey started in 2005 when he started to attend his first parties and festivals around the UK.

Steadily his passion grew for the sounds and culture behind the psychedelic underground and it inspired him to create a sound of his own and through this express his perspective and ideas. It opened his eyes and showed that music could be used to sonically explore ideas and from that moment focused on producing his own musical "stories".


New website up and running

Posted 10/12/2013


Download it free at solersisrecords.bandcamp.com

Colored Nights

24th January 2015 // Hamburg

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Freaky Shamans

7th February 2015 // Geneva

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Bom Voyage

14th February 2015 // Amsterdam

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Tantra Music Festival

31st August 2015 // France

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UK based Matt, was first introduced to electronic music scene by attending many techno free parties across the UK shires in early 2004.

After a few years he attend the UKs biggest electronic music festival Glade, where the steady bassline from the Origin stage captured him.

From this he started to attend the London psytrance parties on a weekly basis and festivals such as Boom, Sonica and Ozora.

Since then he has been DJing psytrance from some of his favourite artists.

Wanting to take his experience further Matt has now begun to work on his production skills, coming to be known as "THEX".



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